SAKHIWO Health Solutions is a multi-skilled health consultancy specializing in health planning, health technology, project management, consulting and advisory services relating to hospital infrastructure development, commissioning and facility maintenance management.

SAKHIWO delivers its services as an integrated, all-inclusive service. We are able to serve as a private implementing agent, turnkey professional service provider or programme manager with multi-faceted functionalities. We also offer services on an ad hoc basis as required by the client.

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SAKHIWO Infrastructure & Health Solutions was initially established as an implementing and multi-disciplinary development agency for health facilities. We managed to pull together some of the best expertise in South Africa and after a decade of successfully developing infrastructure for many health institutions, SAKHIWO has branched out into other spheres of public sector infrastructure development.


Today, SAKHIWO is an all-inclusive implementing and program management agent, focusing on public sector infrastructural development, which includes:

  • Hospitals & other health facilities;

  • Schools and other educational facilities;

  • Institutional buildings such as court houses,

  • Prisons and places of safety,

  • Office complexes and more...

Thanks to SAKHIWO’s exceptional network of experts, the company offers the very best in Strategic Planning, Facility Planning, Design, Project Management, Equipping, Organisational Development, Quality Assurance, Commissioning, Facility Maintenance Management and Ancillary Advisory Services in the Health and Hospital Industry.

The aim of SAKHIWO is to improve infrastructural and facility delivery to a level not experienced before. We will do this by partnering with user departments at all levels of Government in South Africa, SADEC and the rest of Africa as well as fostering relationships with Development Agencies and Financial Institutions and Private Hospital and Health Services Groups.

As a multi-disciplinary establishment, we can customise our services according to our clients’ and their project requirements. So, whether they require our expertise in one or two fields or to deliver the full spectrum of built environment consulting services, each project is tailor-made around their specific needs.

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