Corporate Social Investment

because we care

We continually strive to contribute to the economic and social well-being of people in the communities within which we operate. We recognize that business success and longevity is deeply linked to society's progress and to building capacity and equipping future generations to be ready to continue what we started.

Sakhiwo’s goal is to not only build state of the art infrastructure but also to create a legacy by sustainably improving and developing the lives of the people in our local communities.

We’ve had the privilege of lending a helping hand at several local institutions, schools and day-care centres as part of our commitment to Corporate Social Investment.


Mandela Day 2016

Care packages and essential food and cleaning supplies were donated to various orphanages, community centres and homeless shelters throughout the Cape Town region.


Masonwabe Daycare Center

Masonwabe is a crèche in Duncan Village, an informal settlement in East London. They care for up to 22 youngsters, from 3 months to 4 years. They received a much needed coat of paint and a garden refresh from Sakhiwo staff.


Nkazimlweni Children's Home

Nkazimlweni is an East London based orphanage housing approximately 14 children. They received a range of donations including blankets, mattresses and essential kitchen equipment.


Phumzile Primary School

Located in the south of Pretoria, Phumzile Primary School teaches orphans from grade 1-7 in their “feeding scheme” program. We donated 50 pairs of school shoes which they distributed to their needy students.


King Edward VIII (before)

Located in KwaZulu-Natal, King Edward VIII Hospital Complex was in need of a specialized Paediatric Centre.



Sakhiwo built a Paediatric Centre of Excellence at within King Edward VIII Hospital Complex , which included High Care, Intensive Care, Ambulatory and Isolation Ward facilities, patient day care, pharmacy, doctors and nurses rooms. Their facilities now compare with the very best in the world.


Siyalinga Daycare (Before)

Located in a small East London Village called Gwiligwili, Siyalinga Creche is was established in 1986 by the local community.


Siyalinga Daycare (After) 

They received welcome donations of children’s plastic furniture, early childhood development toys and learning aids.


Siyaxola Komanisi

Siyaxola, a Law Student at Fort Hare University in the Eastern Cape, received much needed repairs for his electronic wheelchair as well as protective clothing to facilitate safe travels.


Vukuhambe Special School (2012)

Vukuhambe is a government school located in Mdantsane, opposite Cecilia Makhiwane Hospital. They specialize in education for for physically impaired children from grade R - 12. They received donations of science kits and charts for various learning areas, which greatly assisted teachers in explaining complex topics.


Vukuhambe Special School (2015)

In 2015 the school received donations including laptops, software, bags and stationery, which assisted in their Grade 12 learners achieving a 100% pass rate.